Honey Bee - Bee Creative Wax Melting Spoon


Our Wax Melting Spoon provides the perfect little tool to melt just the right amount of our Honeycomb Wax Melts to create the perfect wax seal!

Simply drop in your selected wax melts (you can mix the colors or choose one solid color). Hold the metal melting spoon over a small tealight candle or heat source to melt the wax until mixed and pourable. We recommend using a toothpick or metal die pick to stir the wax before pouring to assure an even melt. Pour the wax on to your project where you would like and let it sit for just a few seconds. Then simply place your favorite Wax Stamper on top and let it sit until the wax has cooled. Once cooled, remove the Wax Stamper and voila! You have a beautiful wax seal.

We recommend testing the process once on a scrap piece of paper before taking to your final project. You can also create wax seals on wax paper, and then adhere them to your project so you never have to worry about “ruining a project” with a direct pour!

Additional wax products are shown for reference only. Each item sold separately.